he and the hilltown

by Rg Gregory

when they look into his mind they find a hill town
somewhat surprised they go off to their learned books
outside (architecturally) he’d seems a little wind-blown
not special – a common sort of shackman by his looks
not the sure kind to want the sun to get its hooks
into his self-containment (his bunched-up notions)
thoughts crammed like the heads of ripened corn in stooks
who has a well-stocked feel – runs deep but no commotions
cool as a many-crypted church at its devotions

the learned books do say something about deception
how when you pass him in the street his back is turned
as if (of who you are) he harbours no conception
so you (of him) though wary cannot be that concerned
appearances appearances (its kudos earned)
the book crows; being too aware of inside-outs
knowing full well the volte-face nature of the scorned
the dullest horses may best play havoc with the touts
nor hillside towns dispel the speeding tourist’s doubts

you have to turn off; want to know what’s their attraction
to nose into narrow ways (climb through streaks of sun
and deep sharp shadow; such a lung’s exaction)
to catch a sense of busy life close to the bone
worn tracks between doors (waft of voices) eyes in stone
smells of food (enticing) splashes of unleashed wine
water rills carrying old bridges (a faint drone
descending like a bee-swarm) courtyards – a cool shrine
a sudden market’s noise (a local-produce mine)

and then the topmost square with church or water towers
a dance of bustling shops and sparkling language banter
and every crevice cranny bosoming out with flowers
a busy-ness of purpose and a heart’s enchanter
(the sun distributes gold – allows the blood to saunter)
the bricks of buildings glow with centuries of nous
as though the wisest grape best pours from this decanter
both tempered peace and passion welter in its throes
and fountain sprays refract what such life knows

so with the man – whose innerness the world at large
shuts out or rushes past (its own deep rifts demanding)
but to himself (in that dark realm where he’s in charge)
with all his senses geared to sapience longstanding
there’s not a day goes by without his flairs expanding
in every passageway his mind has set up stalls
and diverse thoughts and voices do their blending
so what that he (from outside rush and guff) withdraws
he and the hilltown share each other’s stilled applause

Last updated May 02, 2015