Before Actium.

Robert Crawford

Life is up and takes the morning;
Why should love still lie abed?
Lo! the charms of slumber scorning,
Tramps the troop that must be led.
Thousands come from hill and valley
Loud the town with clamour fill;
Why must then their leader dally,
Couched with Cleopatra still?
Life's awake - let Duty waken!
Love's a snare at such a time,
When Mars' harness should be taken
And the hearts of heroes chime.
Let the leader leave the lady!
Cupid is not lord of these,
Now the War-god ranks them ready
To post over land and seas.
Done with power's imperial pity,
Oh the hearts to-day must die -
Romans in an alien city
Pledged to death for Antony!

Last updated January 14, 2019