A Secret Place

by Robert Laurence Binyon

Laurence Binyon

O my peace, O well
So deep no thought could sound it,
Whence arose thy spell
When in my heart I found it?
Like a coral isle
That long silent grew
From deepest deeps, the while
Slept or stormed the blue,
Emerging to enfold
Peace answering the skies,
And ringed with rock, where rolled
All day the white surge cries,
Till from isles unknown
Far on spicy air
Seeds in secret blown
Sprang to beauty there.
O my love, my sky,
That with soft breath broughtest
Bloom that cannot die,
Of my life thou wroughtest
Such an isle that rings
A peace within so dear,
Howe'er the strong world flings,
Without, his surges drear,
To my heart, whose core
Thy love in joy entrances,
Like music the world's baffled roar
Only this peace enhances.

Last updated January 14, 2019