Verses on Captain Grose

Robert Burns

KEN ye aught o’ Captain Grose?—Igo, and ago,
If he’s amang his friends or foes?—Iram, coram, dago.

Is he to Abra’m’s bosom gane?—Igo, and ago,
Or haudin Sarah by the wame?—Iram, coram dago.

Is he south or is he north?—Igo, and ago,
Or drowned in the river Forth?—Iram, coram dago.

Is he slain by Hielan’ bodies?—Igo, and ago,
And eaten like a wether haggis?—Iram, coram, dago.

Where’er he be, the Lord be near him!—Igo, and ago,
As for the deil, he daur na steer him.—Iram, coram, dago.

But please transmit th’ enclosed letter,—Igo, and ago,
Which will oblige your humble debtor.—Iram, coram, dago.

So may ye hae auld stanes in store,—Igo, and ago,
The very stanes that Adam bore.—Iram, coram, dago,

So may ye get in glad possession,—Igo, and ago,
The coins o’ Satan’s coronation!—Iram coram dago.

Last updated July 13, 2015