The Poet

by Robert M. Hensel

Words flow onto paper like rain , forming giant rivers
of unseen lands.
The very force guides us along a journey
that holds of great adventure.
We are the explorers of the literary world.
We must find the courage to write what
others are unable to, with the greatest
of passion.
A poet dreams. and then must portray his
visions upon the page that lies before him.
It is the beauty of all things that inspires us
to communicate in such a way.
A man does not wake up one day, and
decide to become a poet.
It must live in the very blood that courses
through his veins.
He is the creator of a world, only he has
He is the actor and director, of all that
speaks out through his pen.
He is a man of all men, Visionary of all
What you haven't seen, he has.
What you can't say, he can.
For he is the poet.

Last updated May 02, 2015