My Heart Screams

Here I am once again laying on my bed staring at the ceiling fan.
Watching the blades rotate around and around, going faster and faster.
Air blowing down on me, drying the tears that escaped my eyes once again.
Holding my broken heart in my hands feeling the blood trickle from my palms.
Mind running in circles as your name flashes across my eyes, letter to letter.
Spelling out the name of the boy who continues to haunt my shadow.
Soon I'm whisked away into another daydream involving you in your arms.
Your skin against mine feeling so right, but I know I'll never have again.
Since you don't belong to me 'cause you're with someone better than me.

But even after time has passed us by a year, my heart screams for you.
My heart yearns to be connected with yours once again, make it whole.
Sleep has become restless, my body wants your warmth against my soul.
My lips is missing yours; no other guy can replace your softness.
Though our time together was cut short; I want to relive those moments again.

I find myself strolling down memory lane when our world used to be together as one.
Your voice ringing in my ear as we talked the night away about our different lives.
Your friends and your parties, me and my every day drama dealing with hearts.
But somehow we found our middle ground, we found a way to make it work.
Met half way down the road, met in my bed and together we meshed perfectly.
Your body next to mine slipped like a glove and our lust for one another grew.
I could feel your hunger behind your kisses as I lost myself in the bliss.

But no longer will I get to experience that because time has passed us by.
And even after two years, my heart screams for you through the night.
Always invading my mind, my soul ripping apart by the seams I've strung together.
Daily routine became pointless without you by my side; I truly miss you.
Though our time together was cut short; I want to relive our relationship again.

And I can write out a novel expressing how much I want you back in my life.
I can write you another love poem hoping to open your eyes to my love.
What we had was real, what was becoming could have been true.
You didn't have to run away from your fear of getting close; I'd protect you.
I wouldn't allow you to have a frown on your face or let you shed another tear.
I'd take all of your suffering and doubts, make them vanish into thin air.
Let you smile like you truly deserve because your an angel in disguise.

But that can never happen anymore because time has passed us by.
And even after three years, my heart screams for you through the day.
I can't help, but let out another sigh as I lose myself in another memory of you.
Though I wish our time could have been longer, I want you back in my life.
'Cause without you standing by my side, everything I do becomes pointless...

Written on: 4/14/10

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I love to write, plain and simple. What started off as a hobby back in high school turned into a lifestyle for me. Music influences me to express how I feel whether I'm in a good mood or feeling sad, but I must forewarn. I love writing about the theme of 'Lost Love".

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