A quiet storm

Rays flashed the storm
Light unfroze darkness
Night concealed world

It was me? Or did you?
Who will be concerned?
Passion never showed

Sea waves shocked rock
Just sand, just sea foam
Merely fearful attempts

Just insane precaution
And wary moderation
Made our time to love

VABM September 2, 2011


Victor A. Bueno M.'s picture

Víctor A. Bueno M., Bilingual writer (English and Castilian) of poems and short stories. Born in Cartago, Valle, Colombia on March 4, 1959 and has lived since 1975 in Caracas, Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. (Nationalized in, 1983). Is Systems Engineer (UNEXPO 1982) and has a master's without thesis in management and economics of oil (UCV 1990).

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