by Roger Robinson

My first virtually real experience
was in my view finder when I was ten.

I flicked through pictures from National
Geographic and Richie Rich cartoons,

but then Bert, my next door neighbour
had secured a reel of naked women.

Sometimes I'd look at it in the house
while they all watched TV, they couldn't tell,

but most times I'd lie on my back at the end
of the garden with my magic binoculars

pointing to the sky for light, like someone
searching for UFOs, flieking through

woman after woman. One on a beach
holding a blue and white ball on her waist.

The other with, large, dark brown areolae
There was another with a red cricket cap

with a bat in her hand and nothing else on.
After a few hours, I'd rise, and the grass

beneath me would be pressed down
to form a shape; the clear shape of a man.


Last updated March 07, 2023