South Africa

(For Nelson Mandela)

Indeed! It is a new and shining land!
So do not waste the New Day passing blame!
From utter desolation, something grand
Is rising ... to obliterate the shame!

The sun has set upon the sorry fields,
And golden stars are twinkling in the skies.
A new sun, rising on the New Day, yields
Some moral sunstrokes to refract men’s eyes!

To bend their vision to a noble view;
To cast more righteous outlooks on the scene;
To warm the hearts of bold ones – bless the few! –
Who from their towers will survey the green.

The green now is a wasteland, black and brown,
Infested by the ills that sinners sold.
Invested with the virtues for renown,
Forge on, kind souls, and make that wasteland gold.

Gold, yes! All colours of the rainbow, too!
And all the hues and shades that fall between.
Go! Paint the land beneath the skies, now blue!
In vibrant tones the world has seldom seen.

Indeed! There is arisen something grand
In South Africa – former land of shame.
So venture onward to rebuild the land!
Good Heavens! Do not waste time casting blame!

Ronald G. Auguste

Last updated June 09, 2014