Getting Around the Subject

by Rosa Alcalá

Rosa Alcala

Ways that I avoid calling you: etymology, falling into a shallow ditch
and asking for a shovel. A blog: (insert here your favorite
What can you tell me about the ether that stripped you
from my birth, that split you from you, as do
all calls to service?

Ways that I avoid l
time table's breakfast bells, a shift
ing it straight from you: a photocopied
in river courses, other cues. Even music,
the silhouette of shoes
taped to the floor. I tollow arrows and numbers and arrive

in someone else's arms.
Look here-dip-is
what it's like
to barter.
A cat (thought a hare)-twirl twice-skinned, from
the black market.

And then there's the system in which I direct all questions at you in
the form
of answers. I commandeer the test site and also assist
the cheaters. What will you say
when the results are in? Take me to the museum? Not

Ways that I avoid your practiced evasion? Cooking as it
I were divorcing my parents. Dear Reader, you know ways to
cut in halt: sugar, salt, fat? Ways to spend the evening,
listening to a temperance lecture.
Or, bring down
the china
for the big idea visitor,

Last updated February 24, 2023