Palas Athenea

- Part 2

Aware of Wonder
were all immortal ...
Helios shines rejoiced
glares with new life;
Ares admires his armor,
Anadiomena her smile;
and decorum of her figure
Artemis topless.
Pan feels that the earth trembles;
Poseidon the sea is stirred
as when Aphrodite was born.
Sweet peace, strong in war,
appears to the Greek ideal,
before the spill under your
and on which your thanks rains
white and pure as snow
and blazing like flame.

Is she embodies the thought! ...
Is it the pursuing
Pride gloomy evil
its spark in the sky
forms the cerebral aurora;
shows his arrogance and verve;
She is the life of the mind,
defender against evil;
Idea and being immortal,
Gorgonicida is eternal.
She is the cosmic Maiden,
which glows in the future;
is severe, it is terrible and beautiful:
Pure touch not the Queen.
Owl turns its head;
looking back, or forward,
what approaches, the distant,
and just, and what begins
And as the Titan crushes
if your hand pushes the volcano,
and the adolescent caste
teaches threading a needle,
flowers and embroidery on linen,
as air and weave silk;
and if his divine work
wants to emulate alien hand,
in their own threads are entangled,
Changed Arachne into a spider.
Sweet and thoughtful Sofia
dynamic and ubiquitous,
its light to every artist sends
the laborious, the eloquent;
and encourages their intimate murmur
the architects of the fire,
moving the ruler or chisel,
the embroidering, which spins:
it seems that it annihilates
every shadow in the Greek genius.
Such sham Phidias
the full stop burning souls
Parthenon in bright sacrum
with Our Lady of Athens.
She has power in his hands;
serene and protective power
swarms of citizens,
she is "the hating tyrants"
as Saint-Victor recalls.
And when the great Pan with his cry
announced, "The gods have died!"
on the blue immensity,
in His infinite dominate
if Olympus was deserted,
she said its eternity.

Seems to disappear
Jellyfish arise when new
in wars and conquests;
but his peace tree greens
and his shadow reach the Muses,
artists dream their dreams.
The creator of the olive
Instantly illuminates the dark
ajar to thoughtful and wise.
And so, in medieval times,
are their temporary shelter
laboratory hidden,
the Alma Mater and the convent ...
Inspired by the Renaissance
to Nauta, the architect, the sage,
and the word of her lip
floating in an astral element.

Last updated February 16, 2023