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Jaime Gil de Biedma y Alba was a Spanish poet, born in Barcelona on November 13, 1929 and died in the same city on January 8, 1990. He was one of the most significant authors of the 1950s in his country, and is part, with other Spanish intellectuals of the 1960s, of the Divine Left. In 1959 he published Compañeros de viaje, which together with Moralités (1966) constitutes the most social part of his poetry. In 1965 appears A favor of Venus, a collection of love poems imbued with eroticism, and in 1968 finally, he publishes Poemas Póstumos. From then on, Gil de Biedma would publish various poems in literary journals, as well as a memoir: Diario de un Artista Seriamente Enfermo.
In 1974, Biedma suffered a crisis which forced him to abandon the literary life and locked himself in an unshakeable nihilism. The determinism of a society incapable of changing its history and the conformism and disenchantment that permeate the intellectual world of the left after the transition to democracy lead it to despair.

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