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Antonio Colinas (born in January 30, 1946, La Bañeza, León) is a Spanish poet, novelist, essayist and translator. He has published numerous works that has received, among other awards, the National Prize for Literature in 1982. His first publications are from 1969 and belong to the lyrical genre: 'Poemas de la tierra y de la sangre and Preludios a una noche total', although his collection of poems published in 2001, Next to the Lake, was written in 1967. In 1985 he published his first novel, A Year in the South: For an Aesthetic Education - the follow-up to this was 'Long Letter to Francesca' (1986). Among his translations from Italian are the works of Giacomo Leopardi and the complete poetry of Salvatore Quasimodo. His collaborations have been published in the press by newspapers such as El País, ABC and El Mundo and magazines such as Revista de Occidente and Cuadernos Hispanoamericanos.
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