Prayer to Shiva

by S. K. Kelen

Like smack freak dried out on Jesus
and real estate agent found happiness
in Khalil Gibran so Helmut the Teutonic
computer engineer with five years Fortran
under his belt asked Shiva destroy me
burn the logic in me
absolve my calculus in your flames
O Bomshiva negate six years of Latin
give me Sex plus God take me to
your temples let me love your beggars
and to the most grotesque award rupees
take the arrogance
swallow my hippy pride
I want to be Indian
and know
God lives in temples
looks like an elephant
or stone prick
O Shiva Bomshiva make me a morphine addict
let sleaze edge out the blueness,
my eyes, my Prussian eyes.
award me a rupee absolve my calculus
in your flames tell my wife in Berlin
I will be home in six months

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S. K. Kelen is a widely published Australian poet. His most recent books are Goddess of Mercy (Brandl & Schlesinger, 2002), and Earthly Delights (Pandanus Press, 2006)

Last updated July 18, 2011