Moonlight Gate, The

by Sabrina Hummel

The night was late,
By the moonlight gate.
Stay where you are, don’t go too far...
For the night is late, stay with me through the moonlight gate.
It will be wonders, streams of sparkling colors.
Come with me, through the moonlight gate,
You can never fake, the beauty through that gate,
seasons of laughing, dancing and splashing.
Things we will never know, until we go...
The night is late, don’t leave the gate.
Passion encircles the lake, once you get through the gate.
Passion that can’t be fake, or ever be late.
Castles of love, and your heart is the door.
Never have I been surer,
these things we will never know,
Until we go.
So don’t stray, don’t go away.
For it is late, and I’m afraid moonlight gate,
May brake…
Lets leave now, don’t ask how.
Just follow the trees that take you through that fine breeze,
To the lake past the gate, that is where I will be…..
If I die, and you still wake.
Dream of me, by the moonlight gate.

Sabrina Hummel

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I'm Sabrina. Poems are a passion of mine, i hope anyone reading them will have an open mind . nothing else... (:

Last updated January 07, 2012