The Haunted Woods

I guess it was a dream
Because I woke up with a scream
I still remember everything that happened
It was so freaky, my brain had hardened

I was walking in the woods
Perhaps searching for my goods
It was gloomy and dark
And I could hear the dogs bark

I walked on till I heard a noise
Freaky and squeaky was the noise
I turned around and there it stood
Deep in side the haunted woods

I couldn't understand what it was
It bared triple claws
It's color was dark green like moss
It had a long tail like a mad horse

I decided not to speak
In the midst of it's squeak
I couldn't understand its language though
It was acting as if I was its foe.

My brain had frozen
I didn't know what to do
Scream, run or just stand
The time I had was very few

It was approaching near
I could see that clear
It opened it's mouth
And i could feel the fear

Suddenly, everything turned bright
Right there in my sight
I realized it was just a dream
When i woke up with a loud scream.

Sahiti Siddharth

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I started writing poems when i was in the third grade (eight years old). I have been writing since then. I used to publish some of my poems in children's magazines and newspapers. I now have decided to move on and show my work to a larger audience., my biggest dream is becoming a well-known poet and writer. My friends and family are the biggest part of my dream.

Last updated March 08, 2013