Shattered Dreams

Hope, happiness and harmony harness.
Dismay, disorder and disharmony discrete.
Brutality, barbarism and bloodthirstiness bowdlerize.
Vision, vividness and vicissitude vociferate.
Transparency, transgression and transcendentalism tranquilize.
Quest, query and quibble quieten.
Protagonist, protector and Psalmist prosper.
Reconciliation, Reconsideration and reconstruction recreate.
Let dreams deepen into mighty ocean
where nobody has shattered dreams.

The Happiness Counselor

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I am a student of Applied Science. Now, i am pursuing M.Phil degree in Bioinformatics in Alagappa University, Tamil Nadu, India., I have taken birth in Bihar in 1988. Later on i did my schooling and took bachelors degree in Biotechnology from Bangalore University, India. After that, I have taken admission in Masters in Central University of Kerala, India. Now, i am in Tamil Nadu., After traveling throughout India i have seen many kinds of people and their attire. I have seen different cultures, foods and people speaking in different languages. Every time i have got some experience from life i just jot down. Slowly, art has taken a massive role in my life. My thinking has enhanced in a wide array of patterns and when i became a poet, i don't know. I realized when i am getting too many likes on facebook. then, i think now, it's time to publish poems., So, i have chosen your platform because only you r giving us a copyright symbol.

Last updated December 31, 2013