Red Carnations

by Selma Meerbaum-Eisinger

Selma Meerbaum-Eisinger

I'm afraid. The darkness presses on me
every muggy night.
It's so quiet, and the big one suffocates me
Silence heavy splendor.
Why, why aren't you there? I have'
played, I know - forgive.
I played with my luck - it worked
in two - forgive.
It hurts so much to be alone Come on, me
wait yeah
We're laughing at new happiness, believe it
and come back - there's so much laughter there.
look at me Is my picture still there?
in your distant gaze?
I want you like the grape wants you
when ripe, pick.
My hair, it's waiting. And my mouth wants that
you play with him again
Look - my hands ask you to put them in the
They crave your hair and crave
after your skin
like a child who longs for the dream
only watched once.
Look, it's spring. But he is blind, he cries
yes always.
As long as we're not together, so long
he weeps like the wind whose dearest forest withers.
See, everything is just waiting for us: everyone is waiting
paths, all benches.
All the flowers are just waiting for me to pick them
and give you
You hold the stars that are still on our line
missing, in hand.
You didn't put them on anyone else.
And don't you find a new ribbon for her soon,
so you have nothing to do with your hands full.
Look - our line, it's still waiting. I have her
tenderly picked up.
Not even a single star is missing and that's it
no stranger interwoven with.
We don't have to ask for new cords. the
old is still beautiful and long.
And do you also have a thousand stars in the
Hand - she can carry ten thousand more.
You are so strong. I want so badly in
lean your arms If you lead me, I'll go fast.
Do you still remember that night, the snow
was soft and ringing bright,
in which your arm embraced me strongly and so did I
went quickly and safely, as if I were tall like you?
O, come and lead me so well from obstacles
Obstacle. I certainly don't want to be tired
I'm sure I won't be small then
and don't need any rest.
And then - in our love tent, oh then, then
let's throw the brightest laugh to the world.
Aren't you coming? I don't cry anymore O
no, I'm not empty anymore
you're coming, you're coming quickly, oh you
my strong, beautiful wind
you become a storm and take me with you in yours
hot wild ride
I'm still here. The dream is over. I am
alone - my hot blood boils like red wine.
You're not there - and you were so close, and you were like that
sweet, wild embers.
Spring is crying. He cries for us. Will you
make him cry forever?
You're so good. So come back - you should
grab my shoulders
we want to glow like in a dream, we want
blossom like tree after tree will blossom
close to us.
Then I want to laugh. And then the whole thing sounds
Air - the sun sounds. The water sounds it
sounds the night -
so listen, I laughed for you!

Last updated January 10, 2023