Tear Collar

by Selma Meerbaum-Eisinger

Selma Meerbaum-Eisinger

The days weigh sultry and heavy, full of wild,
anxious woe. It's so cold and empty inside me that
I'm dying of fear
The birds are migrating towards noon, they are already there
long gone. Already I don't see any aster blooming,
and even the last butterflies flee, the mountains
are shrouded in autumn.
I'm wrapped in longing, I long
after you. My hot longing song fulfilled
the world and me with it.
The monotonously rustling rain accompanies
my singing And whoever listens to the rain song and
whoever intoxicates himself with woe also hears
the sound of my song
Only you alone, you don't hear it - oh, I know
because, why? And if my song once ring,
breaks, you also remain cold and mute.
You don't mind if every tree feels pity
begs: listen! You pass and you see me
hardly as if you didn't know my dream,
and it's not even difficult for you.
And yet you are so pale and depressed, like one
who understands, who smothers his sighs hard
and heavily laden.
And yet there is pain in your eyes, around yours
lips sorry. You've probably lost your luck
it will probably never come back, and you -
you are "liberated."
Well, luck was too heavy for you, you have it
hastily wildly scattered, and now yours are
Hands empty, only loneliness fills them.
So you stand there and toss your head with a stare
Defiantly back and say what you don't yourself
believe - "I don't give a damn about luck!"
And then, when it's long gone, you stand
still there and stare after him, then you long
it's so hot, you don't care anymore
- then suddenly you're awake.
However, it never comes back - because calling
don't you want to, even if the emptiness were so infinite
hard that your back breaks under it.
So we both bear the same suffering, each for
himself alone. A heavy one crowns me from tears
Jewels and you a longing gem.
And the wind sings the eternal song to both of us
of longing and renunciation, but even if it is
scared to die - you still don't call me.

Last updated January 10, 2023