Emotions in exile

The highest peak
looks from India
silver-white, radiant

Snow-covered Himalaya
wakes up with sunrise
turns gigantic
One morning I saw
the dawn from Tiger Hills

Severe waiting
The recurrence of rays
The Sun shrouded in misty clouds
appears all of a sudden
radiates all-over the valley

Tall trees
Vast greenery
A Tibetan Refugee Camp
The hands of women knitting carpets

Children quaffing their noses
Monks praying with beads
Preacher lama
This too a tourist place
in Darjeeling

The sound of a Tibetan song
The emotions in exile
The Sun is going down
Dusk is falling
The Sun sets
in Darjeeling

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AUTHOR'S/ POET’S PROFILE :, Shailendra Chauhan, Shailendra Chauhan (b 1954) is a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering. He works as Deputy General Manager in a Public Sector Undertaking of Govt. of India., He writes poems, short stories, criticism of Hindi literature as well in English. His published works are:, Poetry Collections:, 1) 'Nau Rupaye Bees Paise Ke Liye' (1983), Parimal Prakashan, Allahabad, 2) 'Swet Patra' (2002), Sanghamitra Prakashan, Vidisha (MP), 3) 'Eashwar Kee Chaukhat par' (2004), Shabdalok Prakashan, Delhi, Short Stories:, 1) 'Nahin yah koee Kahani nahin, ' (1996) Sharada Prakashan, Allahabad, Memoirs/Reportaz/Biography:, 1) 'Paanv Zameen par' (2010) Bodhi Prakashan, Jaipur, 2) Freedom Fighter Sh Kundan Lal Gupta, 3) Thakur Mahaveer Singh, He has been editing an unscheduled little Magazine “Dharati” since 1979. He regularly contributes to literary Hindi and English magazines., He lives in Delhi and can be reached at his emails : shailendrachauhan@hotmail.com or shailendrachau@gmail.com &, mobile no. +91 7838897877

Last updated June 11, 2013