Passed Away Pain

I was crawling deep down the woods

Red, yellow, orange, green fruits smiling

Flowers hanging above banged my head

I was crawling, crawling and crawling

Days passed without a way out.

Nights frightened me with darkness.

Thorns and insects piercing my skin

I started walking, walking and walking.

Rough became the forest terrain,

Bigger wild animals crept out

Threatening environment provoked my tears

I started running, running and running.

Agonized I yelled out irately

My voice echoed back monotonously

Crippled I prayed to God, save me

I was standing, standing and standing.

My legs slowly fell down to the ground

I was lying on the ground amidst dust

Wiping my painful moans an angel held me high

I was flying, flying and flying in broad blue sky

Shalini Samuel's picture

She has been writing poems from her school days. Her poetic pursuits took a pause during her college years.Writing journey of Shalini Samuel started again as a blogger and slowly crept into Muse India. Holding the branches firmly she ventured into poetry. She is venturing into fiction and articles too. She has written few poems in her mother tongue Tamil. Her passions include photography, gardening and cooking. She loves to take challenges and learn from it. She is eager to learn and cherish all nook and corner of writing.

Last updated February 23, 2013