My life - "An ambiguous journey"

I am aware that ....
My birth is certain,
my demise is certain.
All my deeds in this voyage
betwixt two certain shores
is immensely uncertain.

All along this journey,
I travel through the boulevard of thoughts.
Some consolidate my mind with joy,
some melt my heart with melancholy.

I cope to succeed,
I hope to be satisfied.
But trapped in my life's extremities,
I am dragged out from my success proximities.

I cry for the tremendous,
I try to be triumphant.
But conquered by circumstances
I am despised by the defeat.

Sometimes my life springs up
with ecstasy of achievements.
Sometimes it graves me down
with inconsolable grief of discontentment.

One day .....
It brings all the colours into me
to intensify my happiness.
the other day ...
It turns me gloomy
making all my faiths fragile.

Some pains punch my heart,
Some pleasures power my strength.
But neither of these guests
stay completely in my hospitality.

Life constitutes me all opportunities
to crack them down for my glory.
the same time , it makes me destitute
abandoning them all by turning me moony.

Even the tears that run down
from my emotional eyes
are same in physique for both glad and grief
leave me never accompanying to soothe.

I become a coward
when I am completely cursed in my career.
I reshape my self as a regal
when I get the par of prosperity.

Some times I behold everything in life
and at times I feel nothing in it.
All it seems to me like
an unfathomable adventure between
certainty and uncertainty.

When I set to explore
my life's ambiguity with anxiety.
I feel my self vanished
and experimented by its vastness.

When I call my life for amusement
it plunges me to pleasures definitely
but not perennial . . .
It comes to me in a package
of infinite mixture with a finite span.

Finally I feel ...
My life is empty
if I just sway in it.
My life is plenty
if I swathe all its flavors.

Vasishta Sharma Gudi

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Vasishta is affectionate to both English and Sanskrit literature but pens mostly in English for better reach. Inspired by day-to-day scenarios, his writings capture deep human connections with inner self., He currently works as Data Scientist at Amazon., You can write to him @

Last updated March 19, 2013