well known power
behind this boundless creation.
Unknown to all in form,
why did you ushower me!
Your merciless harm
called my incorrigibility.

You did equip me well
by thy creative will
to discover many of
intangible designs,
unriddled truths.

But I'm not much
sophisticated to search out
what my real self is?
Which is concealed in me
and travels with me forever.

You did instrument me
as a human,
to implement all my
thoughts in actions.

I earnestly ask you,
why did you match
this infallible personality
with all vulnerable character?

It's gullible to pursue
the greatest,
it's an impending impediment
for my thought implementation.

I'm enough empowered
by thy responsible power
to conquer the invincibility,
to control the uncontrollables.

But I'm hardly efficient
to conquer my own conscience.
I don't find myself
enough energetic
to tame my turbulence.

Thy power procured me
the wisdom,
to judge the unjustifiable,
to evolve the most involute
arenas of this world.

But my heart is no more
a valiant to face my vindications.
It becomes a vacillator
in delivering a solid verdict
for my self.

During my dwell in thy
manifested dell,
my passion for perfection
flows in between many success and failures
to a non directed estuary.

All my aspirations are hurdled
by my act of being mistaken.
I feel much flickered
by the origin of those faults.

I'm much constrained
when I get grabbed by
the gaffes of my guiltiness.
Whilst I restrain my self
from reaching that falsity.

I try to be pure ,
I strive to achieve a pinnacle
of all my volitional actions.
But are lured by unseen defects
and remain as mistaken fragments.

Answer me,
why don't I aware me
from the arrival of falseness
into me and why do I
get frightened by the fortune
of my actions.

My mind is minced
by its mechanism,
in which it seeks an action,
it mistakes and gets squeezed
by its reapings and ramifications.

But I shall not levy
my mind's misery upon you
and I'm not bold
to hold it with me.

I feel a tremendous thirst
of the state called "perfection"
and need no bread &butter
to satisfy my quest.

Oh Omnipotent!

Out of all thy creations,
bless me with the boon
of just perfection
in my thoughts and actions........

Vasishta Shama Gudi

Vasishta Sharma Gudi's picture

He was born on May 06 1995 in a town named Nirmal of India., He is elder son of two children in the family .He is brought up and educated in an orthodox family.He is very much fond of both English and Sanskrit literature but he mostly likes to write in English.He is much interested in reading history and philosophy, especially the ancient Indian philosophy and he loves photography of nature and historical constructions. His literary organization " VISION WISDOM" is the address and authority of all his works., He is a Trainee Decision Scientist at Mu Sigma Business solutions Ltd. and currently lives in Bangalore., You can write to him @

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