Emotional Utterance

Oh almighty!
The creator of world’s destiny!!

This is the sorrowful soul of a nation,
Which was once the most
Relished and reliant light of this universe.
In my sorry state of plundered plight,
Now finding my refuge with thou!!

Although my landscape is a valiant of its vastness,
Although my sight is spread all across,
Although my paths are prodigiously stretched,
All I could see is a gigantic gloom.

I’m the mighty mother of everything,
Showing my limitless motherhood to
illimitable animate kingdom.

I contain the fragrance of all the blossom
In the billions of fantastic flora.
I contain the brilliance of life
In the millions of fabulous fauna.

But still
I know not what to offer
To appease my lord,
The one who could destroy
All my depression
With his tremendous touch
To transform me!!
The one who could diminish
All my dejection
From the liveliness of this world
With his heroic hand to heal me!!

Oh master of this creation ,
Finally crying and roaring,
Intoning my impediments,
Uttering my undermined isolation,
Chanting my chaotic confusions,
As an opus compiled of my onus
With the voice dumbfound,
Saddened and silenced by distress
At thy feet!!

My heart is now throbbing with
Thumping sound of terror
Echoing my extreme desperateness
Of not being able to thrive my nation!!

My mind is always whispering
The prevalence of many adamant afflictions
Which are
Now clustering all the agony,
Accumulating all the evil and
Bombarding those cursing cannons onto me!!

Now I’m nowhere sensible to witness
Those deprived and desolated humans
Suffering with emptiness
To fulfill nothing in their lives!!

Those hands which once were
The donors of infinite prosperity
To their fellow beings
Now amputated with the
Cutters of capitalism
Saws of immense insanity
Machetes of massive malice.

All that craftsmanship of those hands
Is now completely crippled
Recognizable nowhere
Handicapped and ignored everywhere...!
Leaving those innocent believers of
Hard work, destitute
With their stomachs evacuated,
Starving literally for a sip of starch,
Starring and salivating
For a single bite of bread,
Weeping woefully for a drop of wine...!
Bitterly gulping all the grief
And melancholic madness into them
Living their lives utterly unnoticed.

Oh omniscient!!
With all thy mercy
Let me be cognizant of
The bold one, who is on the field
To fight for their betterment,
The brave one ,who is
The Hector of their hunger,
The dauntless one ,who can
Demolish their dismay,
The one potent ,with whose power
All their poverty can be perished.

All my heart felts are now stagnant ,
Witnessing the reality of
Present human relationships,
Which once brought nations together,
Fastened many fiefdoms together,
Knotted many kingdoms together,
Built boundless civilizations..!
Now figuring itself in
Frightening falsity.

All my intellect is now inert
To judgment
Witnessing the human faces
Which once brought eternal peace and joy,
Now covered up with
A giant jealous chroma
Jeopardizing those prime values,
Imperiling those selfless intentions,
Endangering that lifeblood of
Manly relations on this earth!!

Man steeling man,
Man slaughtering man,
Man is now man’s enemy!

Fraternity is now fraudulence,
Brotherhood is now an unbearable burden!!

Currency with its
Charming outfit and alluring appearance,
But diabolical in nature inside,
Came in between those bonds
To break them forever..!

Unity which once was
Nation’s identity,
Which was once strongly stranded
By those humanly relations,
Now nowhere finds it due tightness
In nation’s fabric..!

Truth lost its triumph even
To the most feeble falsehood,
Beings who believed in and
Trusted upon the so called “ truth and honesty”
Are now treated as traitors
And portrayed as pusillanimous..!

Oh omnipresent..!
I make a deep inquest with you
To curb all that cannibalism of togetherness,
To avenge all that annihilation of bondage
Among these men...!

My land’s youth once
Reigned this beautiful earth
With their leonine courage
And warrior-like valor.

Their tirelessness and relentlessness
At work
Made this land heaven once,
Their workmanship once raised
Many mansions to monumental heights,
Turned stud stones to
Spellbinding sculptures and
Took the nations pride to skies...!

Precious knowledge,
Greatest discoveries,
Perfect theories,
Magnificent art and aesthetics,
Convincing wisdom,
Never ending glory and
Faultlessness of this land,
Once shook the whole world..!

Oh omnipotent!
But now I burst into tears
And shed them with a great discontentment..!

All that subtle wisdom of my youth
In this land is on
The verge of its extinction.
All that knowledge is now
Vulnerable to palpable degradation
With the advent arrogance,
With the arrival of unscrupulous scrap
Into the minds of my youth..!

All that vitality in the strength of
My youth going in vain and wasted,
With the ghostly outbreak of an
Epidemic called addiction.

Success is now a nightmare to them.
Joy of achievements and sure accomplishments
Departed from their personalities,
Shutting down the powerhouse of my land...!

Oh unseen master of this creation!!
I earnestly urge you with all my grief put together
To come at my rescue!!

Incarnate again and again as my savior!!
Restore my past glory!
Let my land thrive with
Unending prosperity!!
Bless my land with all the eternity of
Bliss and fortune!!!

Jai Hind!!!!!

Vasishta Sharma Gudi

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Vasishta is affectionate to both English and Sanskrit literature but pens mostly in English for better reach. Inspired by day-to-day scenarios, his writings capture deep human connections with inner self., He currently works as Data Scientist at Amazon., You can write to him @ sharma.vasishta@gmail.com

Last updated December 07, 2015