by Snowdon King

and if the server crashed
would I still be a poet?
and if the Internet crashed suddenly
in the whole wide world
who’s going to ever hear of me?

I would like a law
to forbid poetry in public
to have to go in specially designed places
with a pencil and a piece of paper
to write only for myself
as if my poem were
an engagement ring
a vow for love

I’ve been hurting my soul
on a piece of paper
in a puddle of words
you call it clichee
a hole
or a whole lot of nothing

while poetry is
a crosswalk
between life and death

or a wild boar chased by bullets
in a pristine forest

My writing is not
a simple pastime
but a dedication for God
Who sometimes puts his palm
on your forehead

even if Life is a hospital
where people treat you
with drops of Indifference
while Death counts souls

if the Internet crashed
I would walk barefeet in the dust
to feel the cold body of my ancestors

or I would shave my head
so that nobody notices
how beautifully it snows

I would stop this talking
(a whole lot of nothing)
and I would kick you
where it hurts the most
to prove you
how much I love you

I was born on Google
everybody knows
and I endlessly seek
a place
to confess

(translator - Ioana Tirtirau)

Snowdon King

Snowdon King's picture

Snowdon King (born Ionuţ Caragea in April 12, 1975, Constanţa, Romania), is a Canadian writer living in Montréal since 2003. He is poet, science fiction novelist and quotes author. He is member in Union of Writers of Romania, co-founder and vice-president of Québec Romanian Writers' Association. In one well known essay he was named as ''The poet born on Google''. His other pen-name is ''Snowdon King''. In 2009 does an extended interview on ''Virtual literature and the Google generation trend'' with the participation of many well known authors, prose and poetry writers, literary critics. In this interview Ionuţ Caragea brings forth a new vision on the ''literary trend of the Google generation''. (www.ionutcaragea.ro)

Last updated September 24, 2011