window on infinity

by Sonya Ki Tomlinson

In shimmering ebb of
evening's closing tide
I kneel and kiss
Your jeweled footprint
above a trillion super stars
illumine the temple dome
and a crescent moon floats
near the crown of my head
I've forgotten my name
and the way home
long ago washed out to sea

there is no existence apart
from You

I wander the dazzling shoreline
a cobra draped around my neck

I am Shiva
the thousand petaled One

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Namaste, It's a given that most folks want to be happy. In my life I have experienced great bliss through creative expression. I love to write, splash colors across canvases and sing devotional songs. Travel is also high on my bliss list. I have journeyed through India, the Land of Om, twelve times. While in India I received guidance, love and inspiration from my Guru, Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. Swami has been my unfailing support, protection and source of Supreme bliss. As His humble instrument I invoke this prayer", “Sri Saraswati may the words I pen flow, directly from the lips of Heaven.”, Lots of Prema, sonya ki

Last updated September 11, 2015