Sea Dream

by Stanley Wilkin

Stanley Wilkin

5) A Sea Dream.

She noticed the basking shark was wounded,
weeping vaginal blood.
The tall man in a fedora whispered as he passed,
and she blushed.
The horizon was a hazy green line dipped in red.

She had been there since morning
searching for love,
and found it
from a six-pack merman offering solace
as he rode on the silvery
back of a ray.
As he approached, the sun at his back,
she moaned and threw out her arms
like a supplicant.

Complete at last, the sand grasping at
her shoeless feet, she sank
towards the earth’s distant core
using her arms as uncertain ballast.
She awoke with a shiver
brushed away the sand
and headed back home.
The shark had turned belly-up,
scavenged by seagulls.

Another day-dream enjoyed in the
empty hours between lunch and dinner
between her third cup of tea
and fourth cigarette,
her children snoozing in
the back bedroom. Half-slumbering
in a town barked at by bothersome seagulls
where an unencumbered sun
set on a postcard shoreline.

Planning the rows of petunias to be
planted by the hedge,
making shopping lists,
writing novels, never to be published,
staring out of her windows at the sea
she waited for her husband’s return,
tedious evenings of T.V.
and coition under the brightly coloured duvet.
The waves that overwhelmed her, flooding her senses,
were her own. The man
in the fedora had made her smile.

Stanley Wilkin

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Stanley Wilkin is an academic who does extensive research work and lectures in London colleges. He has published poetry in a number of magazines. Recently, he has published several papers under the heading of 'An Unusual Power', the rise and influence of the medical profession. He is a trained psychotherapist and actor.

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