A Third Party Who Says Me

by Stefania Heim

after Gilles Deleuze

City is a way of forgetting
the darkness that surrounds us

so fly me east toward the gathering
of names.

It's a dance of mechanics,
just a couple of lights:

not only, but it's me and lonely.

In all ugly rooms
all the people are sad.

City is undoing the always
that performs us:

Here I am!
In this space between the lights,

making the space greater
pushing the lines apart.

This is for someone who has forgotten
her flight.

Silly to think we had to know
each other's mind

I mean
how dare you.

There isn't meaning in what we say.
Improvise a little,

just a couple of lines.
We move each other

A Table That Goes On For Miles

Last updated December 02, 2022