they are decrepitating inside my curly intestine
Reckless… to expose all hypnotic attires
Dangerous enough to unfasten …contagious yet clandestine
Poor being! My lonely ineffable desires

The desire to go blank, while falling from a parachute
Another to be stretched beyond the horizon, shaped like a rainbow
Yeah, one is also…without a single utterance… to communicate
To aim at the sun , pierce through its inner core..with an earthen arrow and bow

To weep unvoiced…while holding your hand
In one defeat the gravitational pull
to make you blind…while centering you, I go round and round
To slit my heart…grade after grade…till it becomes white, whole

To collect diamond dew drops…and then solidify
Bring down all ever after the stars and make a necklace for my mother
Repeat the same mistake each time …and then sigh…
To love you once and long for

subhashree p

I am a teacher by profession and poet by instinct. words are my breathe counts. everyday I inhale and exhale them in a synchronised rythm so that I would considered to be alive.

Last updated December 21, 2011