Lonely traveler

When night unconstrained it’s surreptitious tentacles,
a name knocked with a known rhythm
an icy numbness ran through my dizzy nerves,
blended with old proverbial whispers
accents, votes, I probably forgot
as I was cataleptic all through these years
I followed carefully, frequencies of that rhyme
till “breathe’’ inscribed on the road side sign

I passed by rigid Rivers, walked by molten rocks
cool desert breeze and dusty mountain heights
death was riding on a new moon chariot;
Life was smelting along the night fall, fading away with orange beams
freedom was night watching an ancient darkness
blood, sweat, saliva & stem cell; a stranger stole all silvery nights
White security was guarding black money,
green culture did welcoming, pink bride’s dreams

Love, mutated to grow, two razor sharp eyes
now the Goddess of law is free to unwind
Hate, found a permanent host
multiplied within, to continue up to “0’’ error “mankind division’’
Forests, signing on the longest ever NOC
mines, donated multiple organs
all of them were unique kind
Clouds shifting their belongings
scared of biological weapon,
to an unidentified destination

I longed for some shadows
they will hold my hand, lead me to the lonely traveler
Who paints with a shoe polishing brush
And winks like an Romanian sculpture.

subhashree p

I am a teacher by profession and poet by instinct. words are my breathe counts. everyday I inhale and exhale them in a synchronised rythm so that I would considered to be alive.

Last updated December 21, 2011