An Act of Faith

This has all the implications tied to me that I ran away from for so long
I can’t seem to fathom why I put myself in this position
Going through a mess of insecurities just so that I put myself in the spotlight
Now that’s been missing from me for so long, I’ve seem to have a better grasp on perspectives
Brash and unnerving I sat through life trying to not to step on the cracks of the sidewalk
I lived life like it was my superstition, trying to escape from the pain
And like a soft melody on a piano, I drove myself away from the pain
Endearing to the chaotic possibilities of life and smiling when it drowns me in them
I became so delusional to my happiness that I lost sight on who I was in my reflection

She seemed like she had it all in the past
Now she’s a broken reflection in the mirror
Scathing up every fragment of her broken heart
Trying to piece it back together through sheer will and determination
Enough so that she can’t seem to see her presence
She wants to be pulled out of her misery
But not by another other person in her life, but the one that she’s piecing her heart for
Calling out to her help is not a recognizable thing to do
But a rather desperate move to get noticed
Bring a smile to a face that deserves it

This is heartwarming for a guy that can’t notice himself in the limelight
It seems so perfect to be attached to this broken soul
Piecing hearts together, cause I always found it a little lonely trying to fix the heart by myself
Love stories that can be like Le Châtelier's principle, they are reversible
It’s the frame of mind that holds me back from taking a risk

The risk that could be the end of his problems,
This is heart wrenching for a guy who has watched love fail consistently
Dragging him into the depths of a hopeless romantic psyche
Emerging from the darkness to take love head on
With a new mind set and a new faith set,
He took his leap of faith and emerged from it as a hopeful romantic

Falling in love with you is an act of faith
Baby when you’re with me, I’ll give you something to be hopeful for
Don’t believe me? Ask your future self.

It feels rather brash to say this, but if I had one chance to say what I had to say about you
I wouldn’t be so hesitant on what I have to say
Everything that I feel for you is so obvious that I can’t deny myself from you
Aside from the pretty looks you sport nowadays, it’s all the emotions I get from you
You bring a certain element in my life that I felt like was missing for all these days
You seem to remind me why I can’t fly alone
Every time I think of you I can’t help but to smile to myself
But it’s your every flaw that has me trying to find strength

I close my eyes and can’t picture you
Because my mind doesn’t want to reconstruct you from memories, it wants to see you
I feel nice when I’m with you
Can’t help my big smile when I look at your face
Don’t think I’m laughing at you when I do that
But it’s my mind telling me, I like seeing her, you should see her more often
Oh how I wish, but brash reality has to settle in

This isn’t an easy situation to be in
I have conversations with myself trying to figure out what I should do
I’m aware of my every move with you, but I become insecure on what I need to do
You put me in this position with you every day,
Trying to impress you has me in ways so uncomfortable
But when I see you, I feel a comfort that subdues my uncomfortable esteem
I don’t have to think much when I’m talking to you because it comes natural with you
Because you get me, you want to talk to me
It’s your genuine love that has me laying in my bed every night trying to puzzle out a solution

You have this incredible way of being incredible
My fantasies feel blessed when you are in my mind
It’s like a beautiful virus eating away my every bad thought and replacing it with you
You seem to erase my past away so well that if I had to
I wouldn’t let you go,
You mean too much to me
I try my hardest to be all for it
But without you it seems tougher
I’m not all for romantic gestures,
But I know what I feel with you is real
And if real is worth exploring in this life,
Then I’m all up for it.

The Hopeful Romantic

I'm Talha Jafri, I always felt that my sole purpose in the world is to express the best way I possibly can. My poetry tries to evoke emotions from people who went through similar experiences.

Last updated July 04, 2011