The Woman Of His Dreams

The old man didn’t know how to love for his tender love was compensated by a loving wife
She loved him endlessly while he did the same for her
They were perfect in this imperfect world,
Two answers to a larger question asked by God
But she left him from the face of the Earth,
Went to God to get closer to him, leaving his love behind
He was empty as he was cold, but that never stopped his love
Becoming forgetful of his actions, he perhaps forgot how to love…

The lonely nights he endured every single day of his life
Ever since his wife passed away, he seemed out of sync
Like something was incomplete in his life
The days became empty as we walked through silence with his head up
Sleeping was his only salvation, the only excitement he had left in his life
Put his head on the bed and closed his eyes,
Entered the dream world with a smile on his face,
His heart was telling him that this is where he belongs

The dream world took him to a place where he was at peace,
A world of wonder and opportunities that he cannot find in the real world
Where beauty outlasts all the ugly of the world
Brightness takes over the shadows,
He feels at peace with his emotions, but he also feels an emptiness he cannot fulfill
The old man knew his days are numbered, but he didn’t want to be stopped
He wanted to be free; he wants to remember these moments

There was a compelling reason as to why the old man wanted to sleep every night
He became infatuated with the woman of his dreams,
Doesn’t know her name, doesn’t even know her face, but he knew this girl is right for him
She made time stop for him, enough so that he could reach out to her
There was a sense of comfort in her that he had never witnessed with anyone else
She was a free spirit and he was a journey man
Together they went on adventures in this dream world
Nothing made the old man any happier

The old man returned back to reality ever excited to go back to sleep again
Remembering what it felt like to love again
Taking his medications so that he could enter to this dream world quickly
Spend the hours that he needed to in the daylight so he can go back
And see her again…

He came back to the dream world to try to find the woman of his dreams
Searched far and wide for her, but did not find her
When he began to give up, he felt a tap on his shoulders
Didn’t have to look back to know who it was
Her presence was enough to let him know that she was there
They spent the entire dream looking into each other eyes
He had never fallen in love so hard before
The emptiness that he felt in his soul was lifted
An uncontrollable urge to smile whenever he looked at her
The maps he needed to acquire because he was so lost in those eyes
Perhaps, he never knew how to love ever in his life
The woman of his dreams taught him how to live again
Through dreaming, he was able to take reality into his thoughts
To not give up on ambitions, to fight for what’s real
He just wanted her to be real so badly
She never let up on his soul; he continued to stare only to forget why he was staring at her
Confusion as to why he was so forgetful, she seemed baffled at his forgetfulness
Telling him to not erase her from his memories

He woke up just as she whispered those words to him,
Couldn’t erase her from his memories even if he tried
But reality seemed so pointless without her,
Even if he tried to sleep forever, he can’t bring himself to do it
Knows that his days are numbered and that he would have to wait it out
Taking his medications and not knowing what to say
He became increasingly forgetful of his actions,
Perhaps what he didn’t know will never hurt him

The old man was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease
His condition got worse as the days went on,
Slowly began to destroy every memory in his brain
Hence why the days seemed so empty to him
There was something he did not erase though,
The love for his wife

The woman of his dreams is the only girl in the world he fell in love with,
The woman he married
She served as a constant reminder to him that even in dreams
Love can never die
And if the body is trying so hard to erase love from you,
It will find a way to keep reminding you it’s there
The love that he had for his wife was so immense that as powerful as Alzheimer’s is,
It didn’t stop him from remembering the love that he had for his wife

The old man went back to sleep that night excited to see his love again
Slowly closing his eyes, the days stopped counting for him as his breathing stopped
Peacefully, he passed away.
He entered the gates of heaven only to find his wife waiting for him,
Their eternity will now be spent on the grounds of heaven
And his dreams will never be stopped
Love is eternal, love is existent
The old man died happily ever after

Absent Minded

I'm Talha Jafri, I always felt that my sole purpose in the world is to express the best way I possibly can. My poetry tries to evoke emotions from people who went through similar experiences.

Last updated July 04, 2011