The Narrative

Like a story told from a book
Every detail is drawn in to create a larger picture
Every high and low in the story are all drawn together so perfectly
All the missing pieces to the puzzle all have a loose end that gets tied up
And like a story told from the eyes of the hopeful, it ends with a smile

The story told here was how I fell into your arms or how you fell into mine
But never mind that, as children we are stupidly ending up in other people’s arms anyway
I never fretted though because as a young spirit you were, I just adored it from afar
Until the day you came up to me and introduced yourself,
My mellow, mundane personality was enough to draw you out
You had every reason to leave, but you stayed
I was compelled to find out why, but some answers are never meant to be found
They are left to be implied to your perspective

What was there to not like about you?
Your personality had me smiling; everything that you do had a reason or some sort of purpose to it
Like journals in mind, I kept writing them down, taking every mental entry down to a point
And every point that I had was the fact that you made me happy even through the worst times
For some odd reason, every flaw you have was better than any strength that you have
For my reasons aside, exposing me to you was the best decision I made in my life
We aren’t children anymore; I have gotten out of the child phase in my life
I love to look back every now and then, but every time I see you, I’m not able to put in words
How I feel at the moment,
But I know I feel right whenever I’m with you
I feel like I belong, most importantly, I belong to you
With everything set aside, I like to spend my days with you just looking at your smile
Because that special glow that you have on your face
I don’t do things for personal benefit when it comes to you
I do it because I want to see you smiling every single day,
I remind myself every time that you are the brightest star in the world

Everything that we have been through together can’t possibly measure up
But I can’t afford to lose you from my life
Every time I’m left to become something, I tend to think of you first
Why is that? When all the things are left unsaid,
Why must I come back to you in every turn?
To understand I cannot digress some more, but I can’t erase you from my memories
You represent to me what a girl cannot represent to me ever if she tried her hardest
For some reason though, you did it with such ease
And I never felt so connected

Our moments are beautiful, our existence is beautiful,
And when people look at us they think we’re beautiful
I have never imagined myself with a prettier girl than you
But every time I try to make things better with you, I never find ways to express myself
It’s easy to say these words, but to really mean them?
I try every day to show you my actions that even sometimes I feel undeserved
But perhaps I can’t understand your love, lest you won’t ever understand mine.
My love has always been subtle, but an underlying amount of love that surfaces frequently
This is not my story
This is the narrative that God has for us

The way you look into my eyes when you sense something is wrong
You get sad with me and try to turn my attention away from my sadness
Just so that I can cheer you up the way I always do
Stupid antics like that have me reading you like a chest game
Every look that you have to me, every body language that you give out
I know you inside and out, but I have never asked for anything more
We connect on a deeper level
You still remain a beautiful constant in my life

It’s a heart that has evolved from simply being an organ to being a letter that’s written only for you
To express what you really mean to me is what I have to do every day in order to make you smile
And I’m willing; I don’t care if I have to
I showed that you shouldn’t be lucky to have me in your life, I should be lucky
I should be the one smiling every day because I have you in my life
Far from perfect, but perfect in the most imperfect way possible

We don’t just exist in our lives, we are attached
As we travel along the gentle streams of maturity, we tend to miss the greatest fragments of our lives
I want you to understand the seriousness I have for you
The purposes I stand for when I think of you,
And how much I admire your presence even if it’s for a minute in my day
Don’t take this narrative for granted because God will be pissed

Like a story told from a book
Every detail is taken into account when looking at the grand scheme of things
Every connection is told through the eyes of the witnesses
And there is one final judgment left from the eyes of the judge
This story will end with a smile.

Absent Minded

I'm Talha Jafri, I always felt that my sole purpose in the world is to express the best way I possibly can. My poetry tries to evoke emotions from people who went through similar experiences.

Last updated July 04, 2011