My Precious Girl

So tiny,so small, and taken from us all
Why God, have you forsaken me,
You took my daughter before she could see
Her first crawl, her 1st walk, her first word.
I'm asking you god, have you even heard
Are all my prayers and words in vain?
Can you somehow take away this pain?
I imagine her on her first birthday, smearing cake all over her face in her own little way
Her first day of school in her cute little dress
Coming home afterwards a sweet little mess.
I wonder about her favorite color,
Does she even know I love her like no other?
What about her favorite food,or candy,
Knowing I'll never know what can be
Missing her facing these fears
There's just no holding back these tears.
Please tell her I love her,I don't know what went wrong!
But please give her this message from her Mom.

Tiffany Ann Monroe

Tiffany Monroe's picture

I'm a single mother of four and I have been writing since I was in the second grade.

Last updated May 29, 2015