My Miracle Valentine

I never make-believe that there can be this day,
This is the day of love which could find its way.

Every day I lookout the sunrise and the sunset,
I enjoy the beauty of flowers bloom around me.

I can float on the breeze and fly on the wind,
I can travel the cosmos, watch it disclose.

I can feel the sunshine through the darkest clouds,
I can switch all the bad and turn it to good.

But of all the delightful things, I could do,
I never trace in this creation which can compare to you.

My words can’t express the way I feel,
My feelings towards you are all for real.

I have no doubts; my heart is reserved for you,
Not only the valentine day have my loves forever trued.

Thank you

Tirtha Raj Baral (Sanu Punatare)

My literature name is Sanu Punatare. It means I am younger son of my parent and Sanu means beloved younger son. The Punatar is a place which is located in Nepal where I born. Due to those reason I like my literature name Sanu Punatare. Recently I am a Permanent Residence of Canada., Professionally I am Assistant Controller in a Canadian Company. I did MBA accounting, MA Economics and Masters in Public Administration. My hobby is writing poems and books. I wrote 7 books in my mother language in the area of social study, general knowledge and guides for public services commission competitive exam for officer. I wrote more than 200 poems in my mother language. I am trying to publish it soon. I have been participating in many literature programs in my community and recite various poems. From my community I was rewarded couple of times for excellent poem., English is my second language though I am very interested writing poem in English language. I wrote some poems in English language too. I will continue put my effort for writing poems in English language.

Last updated September 11, 2015