False Intimacy

Ain’t nothing like skipping a heart beat
Looks never seemed important when
Minds were bothered least
No vision, No memories, just the moments that were lived
A breadth felt so close, yet never thought over
A hand yet closer, but not a single coin of merry
An urge to hear this voice of mystery
But all mysteries unraveled
Things that cant be undone
Not that deep, not so attached
Lost in thoughts of the four letter bliss
But this time it seemed like a relation without any risk
An altar’s length of stories
An aisle’s length of memories
Oneself known, the other rawly shone
Losing every secret, even the ones you never kept
From the other being, a call to let yourself within
Ages wouldn’t last, but living in the moment they say
A great change, yet never to be a form of resent
But the heart sings, this is just another
Wall of Intimacy, yet it cries to sing that
This is a wave of plain False Intimacy.

Vaishnavi Prakash

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a lot of wonder imprinted in my head ... larger than the universe to a sparrow.

Last updated October 18, 2011