Love thy Country and Do a useful Act - Gurazada

"Love the country
raise the Goodness.
Stop the Useless talk
think a Strong Useful act"

" Stride in the way leading to
Wealth and Health of Nation,
Have Good food, look like a Healthy man."

"If people are unhealthy,
How the country makes Progress.
Learn all kinds of Educations,
Build a great National Wealth."

"The produce of your nation
should flow to all Countries
Honor and Compliemnts don't come
to Nations Flag when it cannot create the wealth"

" Achievements of our Nation somewhat less
if you review the old times *,
Don't be a dullard , march ahead
if you fall back, may be a backbencher forever!"

"Have jealosy in Learnings,(Educations) only
and Competitions in Quality Business (Deliveries) only
Dont raise squabblings
Burn the enmities (in inner soul, outer hate)"

" Dont Say I am a Great Patriot, stop that waste boast,
take up a welfare act for your Country men
and show the world the good results."
Envy and jealosy of even single citizen
engulfs the Growth of Nation"

"Like Brothers, the nations and religions
should walk hand in hand
for World peace and growth."

"By Sri Gurazada Venkata Apparao -Great Poet of Andhra INDIA (1862-1915)"
* Written during Pre-Independent - Undivided India in British Rule

Vijay Narayana Chilaka

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I want to translate Telugu poems our Great Poet, Gurazada Venkata Apparao of present Andhrapradesh INDIA.

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