Happy Teacher's Day

World was new to me, it made me curious,
I had lots of questions, and I was dubious,
It was dark out there, I dint know how I could cope,
It is then I saw light, you came in as a ray of hope.

You guided me well, showed me the right path,
You put in confidence within me; I had my right shot,
You were truly magical; I admired your passion,
You are my role model, you are my inspiration.

You rained over me, with your words of wisdom,
And that is how; I could build this kingdom,
It is not over; there is still more on how you did nurture,
I owe it all to you, thank you for being my Teacher.

Vinaya Kumar Hanumanthappa

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Hi, I am Vinay from Bangalore, India. I am a software engineer by profession. I see myself as (V)ery (I)nteresting, (N)atural and (A)dmirable (Y)oungster :), I believe in making world a beautiful place to live by expressing our feelings, thoughts, experiences, learning and many more through poetry., I blog @Simply Vinaya, http://vinayakumarhanumanthappa.blogspot.in/

Last updated October 11, 2013