An Eccho

William Alexander

Ah, will no soule giue eare vnto my mone? - one
Who answers thus so kindly when I crie? - I
What fostred thee that pities my despaire? - aire
Thou blabbing guest, what know'st thou of my fall? - all
What did I when I first my Faire disclos'd? - los'd
Where was my reason, that it would not doubt? - out
What canst thou tell me of my Ladies will? - ill
Wherewith can she acquit my loyall part? - art
What hath she then with me to disaguise? - aguise
What haue I done, since she gainst loue repin'd? - pin'd
What did I when I her to life prefer'd? - er'd
What did mine eyes, whil'st she my heart restrain'd? - rain'd
What did she whil'st my muse her praise proclaim'd? - claim'd
And what? and how? this doth me most affright. - of right
What if I neuer sue to her againe? - gaine
And what when all my passions are represt? - rest
But what thing will best serue t'asswage desire? - ire
And what will serue to mitigate my rage? - age
I see the Sunne begins for to descend. - end

Last updated January 14, 2019