What Can a Little Chap Do?

by John Oxenham

William Arthur Dunkerley

What can a little chap do
For his country and for you?
What CAN a little chap do?
He can play a straight game all through;-
That's one good thin g he can do.
He can fight like a Knight
For the Truth and the Right;-
That's another good thing he can do.
He can shun all that's mean,
He can keep himself clean,
Both without and within;-
That's a very fine thing he can do.
His soul he can brace
Against everything base.
And the trace will be seen
All his life in his face;-
That's an excellent thing he can do.
He can look to the light,
He can keep his thoughts white,
He can fight the great fight,
He can do with his might
What is good in God's sight;-
Those are truly great things he can do.
And-in each little thing
He can follow the King.
Yes-in each smallest thing
He can follow the King.
He can follow the Christ, the King.
That's the very best thing he can do.

Last updated January 14, 2019