A Wold Friend

by William Barnes

William Barnes

Oh! when the friends we us'd to know,
'V a-been a-lost vor years; an' when
Zome happy day do come, to show
Their feäzen to our eyes ageän,
Do meäke us look behind, John,
Do bring wold times to mind, John,
Do meäke hearts veel, if they be steel,
All warm, an' soft, an' kind, John.
When we do lose, still gaÿ an' young,
A vaïce that us'd to call woone's neäme,
An' after years ageän his tongue
Do sound upon our ears the seäme,
Do kindle love anew, John,
Do wet woone's eyes wi' dew, John,
As we do sheäke, vor friendship's seäke,
His vist an' vind en true, John.
What tender thoughts do touch woone's soul,
When we do zee a meäd or hill
Where we did work, or plaÿ, or stroll,
An' talk wi' vaïces that be still;
'Tis touchèn vor to treäce, John,
Wold times drough ev'ry pleäce, John;
But that can't touch woone's heart so much,
As zome wold long-lost feäce, John.

Last updated January 14, 2019