Man's Knowledge - Ingorance in the Mysteries of God

by William Drummond

William Drummond

Beneath a sable veil and shadows deep
Of inaccessible and dimming light,
In silence ebon clouds more black than night,
The world's great King his secrets hid doth keep:
Through those thick mists, where any mortal wight
Aspire, with halting pace and eyes that weep,
To prove, and in his mysteries to creep,
With thunders He and lightnings blasts their sight.
O Sun invisible, that dost abide
Within thy bright abysms, most fair, most dark,
Where with thy proper rays Thou dost Thee hide,
O ever-shining, never full-seen mark!
To guide me in life's night thy light now shew,
The more I search, of Thee the less I know.

Last updated January 14, 2019