Heartbreak at 2 A.M.

It is 2 a.m. in the morning,
I knew it to be a kind of warning,
Its been two days since you replied,
Then I saw your status and inside me something died.

” You light me up inside,
whenever you are around I always seem to smile and people ask me how,
well you’re the reason why! “

With a heart full of fears,
My eyes blurred cause of the tears,
Alas, I had lost you, this I knew,
The nagging doubt at the back of my head had just come true.

You, whom I have loved from the moment I met,
Long is the list of my regrets,
Carefully, I got closer, to ensure you didnt feel rushed,
But that simple status at midnight, and my heart was crushed.

I had been a casanova, a player,
Your eyes felt like a living prayer,
Yet now it feels that I am lost,
In the vast ocean of despair, tossed.

I believed with all my heart that you I would be with,
Seems like I was believing in a fog of myth,
Now I realise all your actions were a step taken away,
Alas, with all my poems or words, your heart I could not sway.

Be mine, now and forever,
were the five words I wanted to say, now will utter them never,
Suddenly all the sad songs make sense,
I wish you knew my love was not a pretense.

Lucky is the man, whom you have chosen,
Yet I smile for you, though inside am all broken,
Tears I blink back in attempt to hide what I feel,
Cause TO STOP loving you would be a harder ordeal.

Eyes dry yet I cry myself to sleep,
Yes,love hurts and makes one weep,
You shot a bullet through me,
That gorgeous smile, is the last thing I see.

I want to let you know,
Even though you break my heart and soul with blow after blow,
For me, you are an answer from the divine,
Hurt me all you want, I will always LOVE YOU, my gorgeous sunshine.

An Engineer and an IT worker for the past 7 years, have been writing poetry ever since my first heart break.

Last updated April 15, 2015