Father Divine

by A. D. Winans

A. D. Winans

no one but us older folks
remembers Father Divine
A self made black preacher
who founded his own church
and declared himself
to be God
and had a flock of believers
mostly white women
who gave up their life savings
to sleep with God

He drove a big white Cadillac
and had a white wife
who didn’t mind sharing him
with other white women
but even if she had
how could she have argued
with the will of God

when he died the newspapers
had a field day
as his congregation gathered
at the grave site
waiting for the promised resurrection
which sadly never came

and the newspapers took great joy
in mocking the flock
writing them up as the
fools they were
but how many women out there
reporters included among them
can lay claim to having fucked

Last updated May 02, 2015