Mother & Child

by Adrian Matejka

Adrian Matejka

The mothership is mostly
foil with four lights
unevenly blinking up

top like streetlights about
to go out. The mothership
has sixteen exhaust nozzles

underneath & a funky
side door with its own
cascading stair of keyboard

keys underneath ringed
fingers as it huffs & coughs
on the swing down to let

us ride. A chorus of drums,
undeniably on the one.
A chorus of harmonizing

women, gorgeous as comets,
& rows & rows of high-
stepping, glittery stacks

just waiting to step off
the ship. & the ship
is the only way any of us

down-&-out blacks are
going to ease on down
those future & celestial

roads. Remind both
mother & child: the whole
scene pinwheels around

us while we are stuck
in our tin-foiled
& ontological patterns.

Last updated September 23, 2022