Earth Child

by Ken Slesarik

My Dearest Earthling, you’ve nothing to fear.
I come from Mars. I’m glad to be here.
If you should see me, you’ll be just fine
but please keep reading this poem of mine.

No needles for testing your Earthling brain.
No poking, no prodding nor searing pain.
No needless Martian mind control
just poetry to soothe the soul.

I’ve traveled far and friend what I seek
is peace for mankind. Now give this a peek

and remember to—-

watch these words closely,

dreamy and light,

keep reading, feel mostly

sleepy tonight.

The room, it is shifting,

you’re now in a trance,

lighter you’re lifting

I won’t make you dance

or quack like a duck,

however, my friend

you’re all out of luck.

My Dearest Earthling, you’ve plenty to fear.
See these needles? No good tidings here.
Now that you’ve seen me, things won’t be fine.
Thank you for reading this poem of mine.

Last updated October 10, 2022