Fears Get Away

Had my heart to cry, when I was young
Did squeal out, out with my tongue
Had a feel to go forth
Like oil in a boiling broth
Took forward on the steps of freedom
This world now became my kingdom
Now my fears wept with lashes
Hit them, fled to trashes!

A dawn makes a new day
So does your heart, your soul, your mind obey (you)
Stop not till your goal is achieved
Don’t cry for thrashes received
One day this world will turn to you
You turn your days back, saw who were you
A youth or coward, your heart knows
As a brave warrior your soul grows!

Let our ways be straight
Don’t stop, the days wont wait
A firm soul, molds your heart
Your life now, a clear art
A kingdom of truth and lies lie before you
Decide your ways, it must be you
Show your heart the truth you have
Let the world know, the might true words (truth) have!

Clear your ways with your thoughts so sharp
An honest way, never minds a warp
Open your minds, let slumber be down
Hit your anger, or else you will drown.
Your heart knows your steps to reach
A new era, your words will preach
Finally the stars open for a soul
This world will praise you, on the whole!

Akshay Raja

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Akshay here! this poet has written 110+ poems and is still trying to improve his works. if you think my poems are well ( i think i need to improve those) pls dont hesitate to comment. also check my blog for my latest updates akshaypoems.blogspot.com. that's all folks!

Last updated May 04, 2012