The New Path

Daring prince to lead my path
Gusty wind to bear my wrath
To seek pride i walk my route
Swing my way through roots and shoots.

Awakened cry a hell of song
My heart fro back, ding n dong
Creepy justice all to give
Kill my lies for am to live!

Lonely swings to hammer along
Yellow flame (sun) to burn my song
Blackened ridge (death) closing in
Have to jump or dive in.

Twists n turns won't turn my path
Leading my heart with the warrior i got
Blockades or hustles won't block me down
To give up am not a clown!

Akshay Raja

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Akshay here! this poet has written 110+ poems and is still trying to improve his works. if you think my poems are well ( i think i need to improve those) pls dont hesitate to comment. also check my blog for my latest updates that's all folks!

Last updated October 04, 2016