A Feel To Heal

One garment of soul, where dirt not at allAround month of fall, there hurt not at allThe fields of summer, a tribute to sunlightThe shields of winter, attribute moonlightThe gloom of nights, inspires to new startThe bloom of lights, respires to dews partDoors of the dreams, knocked their knobsTours of the screams, cropped their cropsThe eyes speechless, have much to speakThe smiles switchless, gave much to weakPearls of nature shine, radiant hearts healCurls of stature incline, salient arts to feelDesert-sand so warm, caring a mirage eveGreen-land so charm, staring by age leaveThe regrets of hives, are lowered from ripsThe secrets of lives, are powered from lipsFortunes of the joys, are knocking on gatesMore tunes of sorrows, are locking in fatesThe priceless emotions, bargain for a smileThe wise legs of motions, try again for mileThe dominant probes, peep out from truthThe prominent hopes, creep out for youthIndefinite decisions, disclose the delusionsAnd finite reasons, awake with no illusions
Kislay Chauhan

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I am a computer engineer, I am writing from school time, I write poems mostly on nature relating to problems of people.

Last updated May 02, 2015