by Alethea Brooks

That feeling…
Haunts us in our memories.
Chases us in our dreams.
It’s everywhere around us.
Like a loaded weapon,
….It fires.
We scream.

We fight, within the shadows.
We argue, long into the night.
Our thoughts are filled with terror.
….Intentions move,
They are alive.

We are chasing down a Monster.
Created out of greed.
Bred out of hatred.
Jealousy, its seed.

Bitterness, was how it ended.
Nothingness, was all we left.
Slowly turning into ashes,
Eating nothing but regret.

Like a beast, within a beast.
Death disguised as desire,
A whole lot of lies,
Wrapped up in barbed wire.

They set a trap with honey,
We walked right around.
But, They’ve come back now,
To claim their broken crown.

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I’m a self taught poet, writer, dreamer... of words.

Last updated December 02, 2017